Christmas for Him!

IT: Abbiamo parlato dei regali da fare a lei, ora è il momento di parlare del vostro lui, di vostro padre, amico ecc… Perché indifferentemente se non ci capiscono quasi mai a Natale un regalo anche per loro ci sta. Vi posterò qua sotto delle idee.

EN: We talked about her presents, but now it’s time to talk about him, our dad, friend, ecc… cause it doesn’t matter if they didn’t get it at all, during christmas time, there’s a present also for them. Down below a few ideas.

image1xxl (1)
Extreme super skinny jeans-17.65 euro
image1xxl (2)
Boat shoes in navy canvas-25.00 euro
image1xxl (3).jpg
Polo shirt with cut&sew diagonal panel-10.29 euro
image1xxl (1)
Wool Bomber jacket-47.79euro
Devils Advocate Prince of Walles check Jacket- 93.38 euro


image1xxl (1).jpg
Produkt Faux Leather Jacket-39.71 euro
image1xxl (1)
Smart belt- 8.82 euro


Muscle Long Sleeve Polo- 15.44 euro

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